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QL Metal Fiber Pleated Filter Cartridge
Belongs:QL Filter Element Series
Product Details

By utilizing pleated technology, we provide our customers with filter cartridges of larger surface area, higher dirt holding capacity and longer on-stream life due to their excellent flow rates and multi-layer construction. QL pleated filter cartridges can be cleaned in situ by backpulsing or backwashing, which helps to save on running costs. We can also add outer cage (perforated sheet) to provide additional protection for the pleated cartridges to ensure the integrity during the cleaning process.


1. High porosity

2. Easy to clean

3. Corrosion resistance

4. High permeability

5. High temperature resistance



1. Viscose filtration

2. Polymer filtration

3. Hot gas filtration


Operating Conditions:

1.MWP(maximum working pressure):30MPa

2. Fluid Viscosity:200Pa.s

3. Dirt-holding Capacity:16.9~41Mg/c

4. Filtration Precision:5~60

5. Operating Temperature:300℃


Standard Filter Cartridge Sizes:





Other sizes to meet customer requirements

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